Pastor Testimony on Inheritance in Christ


Here is a testimony we received from Pastor Benjamin calzoncillos yeezy pas cher calvin klein baratos Wanyonyi
After going through the Understanding Your Inheritance in Christ class, the materials have made me confident stand in front of my congregation with boldness. Olympique Lyonnais Jersey 2015 Fear has gone, and I am now filled with revelation. My congregation is blessed more now when I stand up to teach.

From the time I began to teach on how to understand your inheritance in Christ, people were motivated in their hearts to begin small businesses, as well as income generating activities in their homes, villages and at their place of work. They also testify on how they are blessed and not cursed.

Lifeschool has been a great help to me personally because I was the first one to be changed, and now I can teach my congregation.  May God Bless you in a abundance.

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  1. Monik | December 2, 2015 at 2:18 pm

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