Pastor Testimonies


This is a testimony from Pastor Dorcas Mengich. He completed the “Learning to Pray for Israel” class, Parajumpers Jacka Kodiak and he shares how it has blessed him:

The “Learning to Pray for Israel” class has helped me to know why Israel is important to the world, and how it has blessed the church and world throughout history.  After realizing this, I committed myself to prayer so that the Holy Spirit would help and give more revelation, insight and understanding on this subject. When the congregation saw my commitment, they imitated me.

I told my wife that we should lay aside two hours in prayer daily as we pray for the peace of Jerusalem and Israel’s destiny as the Holy Spirit gives the words.  Three weeks later, two people whom I never knew came and visited me in the morning.  They blessed me with $1000, which I used to pay the school fees for my children. Surely this is real transformation.

I always keep you in my prayers for the great and open sacrifice you have made for me to get and to attain all this knowledge.  May the most High God continue to bless you even as you continue to help others.

-Pastor Menigich


This testimony is from Pastor Betty Kisembo. Here’s what she had to say after completing “Understanding the Bride of Christ”:

I am so grateful for “Understanding the Bride of Christ” class. It has taught me so much about the end-time bride, my entire purpose of salvation, and my need for preparation.  My perspective of eternity has totally changed and so has my focus. I thank God for this class. My church is learning now about maturing in love, and it is great.

I can boldly say, that these materials have impacted my members’ lives greatly. They have testimonies of taking every challenge in their lives as a preparation in the wilderness, praising God in it, and trusting Him. And in obedience of doing God’s Word, people have seen God fighting their battles. Some have gotten jobs after obeying to give to the poor even at their lowest point, others have been healed, and so on.

Thank you very much, and God bless you abundantly.

-Pastor Kisembo

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