Ministry Model

Lifeschool’s ministry model is:

    The school goes to the student rather than the student going to the school;
  • Practical = The materials are full of life, training the head
  • Mentor-driven = Personal mentors who have already graduated from Lifeschool keep students accountable and exhort them to remain disciplined in their studies;
  • Multipliable = The program grows organically through pastors sharing their enthusiasm with other pastors, mentors taking the responsibility to cast the vision in their sphere of  influence, and through special conferences led by teams from the U.S.A. that penetrate into new areas to recruit new pastors.

Lifeschool utilizes a distance-learning model that takes the school to the student rather than requiring the student to go to the school. Lifeschool trains senior pastors who in turn equip their congregations in what they have learned. The goal of Lifeschool is far more than just a graduation ceremony and a diploma. We want to see pastors trained and equipped so that they can transform their churches and fulfill their end-time mandate.

  1. Lifeschool begins with faithful mentors who have graduated from the Lifeschool program. These mentors, who live and pastor in the areas where they mentor, recruit other pastors into the program, vetting them to ensure they are serious about participating in the program and are men and women of integrity.
  2. Once registered in the program, funds are raised to provide a scholarship for the student.
  3. Once a pastor is registered and funded, he or she receives their first set of notes from their mentor.
  4. Once a pastor completes a class, he or she takes their final exam. After the test is graded, the pastor receives his second set of notes. This process continues until the student graduates.
  5. The Lifeschool leadership team from the United States periodically travels to the nations to meet and recruit regional leaders and to travel to new areas to recruit new pastors for the program.

Utilizing this model, Lifeschool has dramatically expanded and continues to grow in amazing ways at a very low cost per pastor.