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A Deeper Prayer Life in Katito, Kenya

Samson Okello
Senior Pastor of EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH. Leading 50 people in KATITO, Kenya.

I am always thanking God for this training because the last ropa interior calvin klein 3 classes have really blessed me. My life has changed a lot and my Golden Goose Ball Star current relationship with the Lord is good because of this class on prayer. Now my prayer life has grown as well and I trust that it will continue. Lifeschool has really Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Sale helped my church because I teach them all the things that I have learned. My last sermon on Burberry Outlet London prayer, which I learned from the House of Prayer Burberry Scarf Outlet class, Alexander Mcqueen Pas Cher challenged many and now we are trying to implement what we have learned. I am encouraging my church to go to God regularly in prayer. Lifeschool is transforming my life and many people around here.


A Fresh Start in Kitale, Kenya

Peter Wafula
Senior Pastor of Faith community church. Leading 80 people in Kitale, Kenya.

Sincerely speaking, after taking the Lifeschool class on worship, Cheap Vans Shoes I have now seen that the way I was leading my congregation was a total mess. Because of these teachings, I decided to repent and begin afresh to teach my church correctly. I don’t blame myself since I was ignorant and without sound teachings. That is why I thank God for Lifeschool coming on time to rescue my false teaching in my ministry. I am now committed to study thoroughly and to learn and take notes with my Bible in hand. Now I know that I am being led in the right direction to be used ropa interior calvin klein by the Lord in effective ways. I used to blame my church for not keeping the routine of our church traditions in our worship services. I would even get upset and angry and get in the flesh trying to get my congregation to walk in holiness. But after I took the Lifeschool course on worship, I have been changed and now I set the example by hearing God’s voice, and our worship has moved in the right direction. My church now meets regularly to pray and fast and our worship team practices before we lead the Golden Goose Deluxe Brand congregation. As a result, the river of the Holy Spirit has begun to flow in our services.


Destiny Awakened in Kenya

Sylvester Wabwire Senior Pas to r of F.P.F.K – Ganjala. Leading 70 people in Matayos, Kenya. The class Understanding the Bride of Christ has helped me to understand my destiny as a believer and servant of God. Personally, my life has changed because I am now preparing myself as a bride for Jesus Christ. This change is also affecting the church I pastor. This class has given me such great insights and much deeper revelation. These teachings have been so sweet and encouraging to our members and they exclaimed that they have never heard such a teaching before. They are so Burberry Outlet London excited for me to keep teaching them the Lifeschool materials.

Lifeschool in Burundi

Here is a letter Cheap Jordan Shoes and photos from Pastor Fredrick Andrea: I am so glad to report to you that all of our Burundi students have received Barbour Jacka Outlet the Lifeschool International Training Materials. are”>Tendencias de los años 90 They are very happy and thankful to you and all the sponsors who have made this possible for them. They have testified that Lifeschool International has provided them with a big breakthrough in studying the Bible. They have no Bible college in Burundi, and some have been going to other countries to study the Bible at a very big Read More


A Deeper Relationship with the Lord

Philip Shitandayi Senior Pastor of Versace Pas Cher Word Of Fire Ministrist – Butula. Leading 100 people in Butula, Kenya. This class Understanding the Bride of Christ has really improved my fellowship and relationship with God. My love relationship with the Lord is now more intimate than before. Polo Ralph Lauren This course has changed my life and it has imparted the fear of God in my heart. My church is now actively preparing for the Lord’s return. This class Understanding the Bride of Christ has really helped my church to mature in their love relationship with the heavenly Bridegroom. T Shirt Versace Homme Now my church is more kingdom focused than before. T Shirt Versace I don’t have to keep pushing Cheap Jordan Shoes them to go on in the things of God like before.


A Higher Level in Worship

Josphat Soreh Senior Pastor of Holy Brethren ministry . Leading 25 people in Kakamega, Kenya. For sure, this class on worship has taken my church to a much higher level in worship. T Shirt Philipp Plein We used to worship with no revelation, no knowledge, no understanding, and no vision. I also struggled with hearing God’s voice. We would cast blame on each other for making the church service so boring. But now, after this class on worship, I have learned so much and have received so much revelation in my heart. As a result, there is no more struggling, no more games in our church services, and many are being set free. In the past, the worship leader in our church only practiced right before the church service. T Shirt Versace Homme Pas Cher But after hearing these teachings and the importance of practicing with your worship team, Burberry Cashmere Scarf Sale things have changed. Now Golden Goose Francy Baratas we Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers make time for worship team practice, prayer, and fasting. As a result, we have seen God’s power at work over the last three weeks. Two sick people came to our service, and without even laying hands upon them, they received their healing while the worship team was leading us in worship. These materials have been a turning point in my life that has brought about great change.


Pastor Testimonies

This is a testimony from Pastor Dorcas Mengich. He completed the “Learning to Pray for Israel” class, Parajumpers Jacka Kodiak and he shares how it has blessed him:

The “Learning to Pray for Israel” class has helped me to know why Israel is important to the world, and how it has blessed the church and world throughout history.  After realizing this, I committed myself to prayer so that the Holy Spirit would help and give more revelation, insight and understanding on this subject. When the congregation saw my commitment, they imitated me. Read More

New Students in Serengeti

Here is a letter and photos from Pastor Fredrick Andrea.

I am so glad to inform you that our students have received their materials and their Burberry Uk Outlet study has started. Recently, I delivered the materials to students in Serengeti Region and they were very happy indeed. I would like to assure you that you are offering scholarships to a number of deserving and needy students. Each student has answered the call to ministry, and by investing in their education they have said that you have given Parajumpers Denali Jacket Dam them the tools they need for Read More

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