A Fresh Start in Kitale, Kenya

Peter Wafula
Senior Pastor of Faith community church. Leading 80 people in Kitale, Kenya.

Sincerely speaking, after taking the Lifeschool class on worship, I have now seen that the way I was leading my congregation was a total mess. Because of these teachings, I decided to repent and begin afresh to teach my church correctly. I don’t blame myself since I was ignorant and without sound teachings. That is why I thank God for Lifeschool coming on time to rescue my false teaching in my ministry. I am now committed to study thoroughly and to learn and take notes with my Bible in hand. Now I know that I am being led in the right direction to be used by the Lord in effective ways. I used to blame my church for not keeping the routine of our church traditions in our worship services. I would even get upset and angry and get in the flesh trying to get my congregation to walk in holiness. But after I took the Lifeschool course on worship, I have been changed and now I set the example by hearing God’s voice, and our worship has moved in the right direction. My church now meets regularly to pray and fast and our worship team practices before we lead the congregation. As a result, the river of the Holy Spirit has begun to flow in our services.


  1. Tadiboina | December 2, 2015 at 2:14 pm

    I don’t look to see what my pastor or anyne else is doing since I’m lnokiog to get into the presence of the lord however since they are up front whether pulpit of first pew they are noticeable, I believe that most members know their pastors worship mode. I have noticed in my own church that the two usually don’t match especially when they are a singing pastor. I have asked myself that question, why don’t I ever see that same level of worhip or if any at all when someone or some event is going on,that actually was one of the reasons why I left a church many years ago because the pastor and co pastors would be laughing, joking and talking during that particular time, what better way to experience God when we all are worshipping Him in spirit and truth so that the glory of God would manifest itself greatly. They are our leaders and I would expect that almost always Gid Bless!!

  2. Emma | December 8, 2015 at 11:20 pm

    What you see in the audience of my postar and worship leader is the same and I love and respect them for that because they are genuine and authentic whether on stage or off. I am on the praise and worship team and I too worship the same in the audience or on stage holding the mic. There is not a set way to worship so you may see us singing, raising or hands, shouting or laying on the floor. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how anyone else worships but our own hearts towards God. That’s why half the time I’m not looking at anyone because I’m not there for them but to worship a Holy God who has done too much for me not to praise him. We need to get over ourselves and be about the work of the Lord not focused on how people worship because they can’t judge the heart. Just saying .