A Deeper Prayer Life in Katito, Kenya

Samson Okello
Senior Pastor of EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH. Leading 50 people in KATITO, Kenya.

I am always thanking God for this training because the last 3 classes have really blessed me. My life has changed a lot and my current relationship with the Lord is good because of this class on prayer. Now my prayer life has grown as well and I trust that it will continue. Lifeschool has really helped my church because I teach them all the things that I have learned. My last sermon on prayer, which I learned from the House of Prayer class, challenged many and now we are trying to implement what we have learned. I am encouraging my church to go to God regularly in prayer. Lifeschool is transforming my life and many people around here.

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  1. Rick | December 2, 2015 at 1:42 pm

    Hi Marc: Pray for an unsaved mbmeer of my family. God can and does work miracles and that is what I am praying for this season, that God will touch his heart. I am and will contnue to pray for you and your family as you await Gd’s direction where he wants you to minister. Of course, I am hoping it is in Florida because I miss you guys so much.