• Lifeschool training has completely transformed my life. Through the lessons, I can now hear God clearly for my personal life and ministry. I now know my position and authority in Christ, which is leading me to a victorious Christian life. The lessons have put in me the greater value of prayer, which has enhanced my relationship with God in partnering with Him for the fulfillment of His Word in my life, family, church, and world events. I do now appreciate His deep love for me and I have grown in intimacy with the Lord as my heavenly Bridegroom. I now know that I'm God's partner in blessing Israel. Through all of this process, Lifeschool has made me into a better minister. - Moses Achola, Pastor in Kenya
  • I am so grateful for the materials offered in this training. I have attended other Bible schools, but this one is special. Even though there is no sitting in a class, the Holy Spirit accompanies this material. I am now doing the second book and I tell you am so blessed that I can’t wait to see the third manual – for the first two have been such a blessing! I can now clearly, and in a deeper way, listen to the voice of God. Because of these teachings, I had to rectify many mistakes I have made in the church and in the worship team. And now, our worship is A BLESSING! I SAY WE OURSELVES ENJOY IT. In short, I AM BLESSED beyond measure. - Wali Hannington, Pastor from Kenya
  • The class "Understanding the Bride of Christ" means everything to me. You are a blessing to my life and to the people whom I have taught this class. It has changed my life because I now know that I have a Father who loves me unconditionally. My church has also changed, becoming better people who have more confidence in salvation after understanding that they are the bride of Christ. And we now know that we are sought after, loved, and longed for by the Lord of the universe. Because of our deep understanding of this subject, we have been preaching about the bride of Christ with a passion. As a result, we have brought more souls to Christ and the church is more prepared for the second coming of Christ. - Laura Nyamai, Pastor in Kenya
  • I am so blessed! This material has helped awaken love in my heart towards God. My church is also being awakened to our ministerial call. This is all because of Lifeschool. Since I started this program, my life has not been the same. My relationship with Christ is now so intimate; I can’t compare my life as being the same as before. Lifeschool has encouraged me to seek God as a worthy bride; I now desire to meet with Christ. After I taught Lifeschool materials, a man who was discouraged and disappointed was greatly encouraged by the teachings because now he realizes that his work will be rewarded when Jesus returns. - Egetu Charles, Pastor in Uganda
  • I really want to thank God for these materials, which have helped me to be devoted in many areas. It has helped me to be devoted in prayer, desiring to please God by seeking to meet with Him personally in the secret place. It has helped me to learn to hear His voice through prayer and fasting. And this program has also helped me to live a holy life because God is determined to give His son Jesus a worthy bride. Through these materials, I have gained the power and desire to lead my people. We are so privileged to be blessed with these kinds of life-changing materials. - Opendi Peter, Pastor in Uganda
  • I want to let you know the impact and change that Lifeschool has brought to me and my church. Now, my church is one of the best churches in Matunda when it comes to worshipping. We never praised much before, but now as a result of Lifeschool, we now praise and worship God in a very serious way. I tell you, God has released the river of worship and miracles have started to be released. Members are enjoying the program and I thank God for Lifeschool. Thank you Lifeschool! I am teaching the materials and am getting more depth of the Word than before. - Daniel Ndamilwa, Pastor in Kenya
  • Because of Lifeschool, I have been transformed, grown spiritually, my knowledge of the Scriptures has multiplied, and my teaching ministry has been sharpened greatly. Many people in my church have also grown spiritually and many now are able to stand firm in their faith and give an answer for their hope and faith in God. Lifeschool is affecting the destinies of many ministers of the gospel and the saints. - Robert Nyongesa, Pastor in Tanzania
  • Going through this program has touched and changed my life. I have learned to hear the voice of God, worship in spirit and truth, and I have received many revelations which are helping me to teach the word of God more accurately than before I joined this program. I have never seen such power-packed, amazing courses, which have transformed my life and ministry. Because of Lifeschool, the lives of many people are being transformed for eternity. - Stanley Manyecha, Pastor in Tanzania
  • My life was filled with fear and guilt for my past mistakes and weaknesses. I hated my life and condemned myself for not obeying God. I really desired to live a Christ-like life, but I couldn't. However, this all changed after taking the Lifeschool class "Understanding Your Inheritance in Christ." I realized for the first time that my position in Christ set me free from condemnation, allowing me to acknowledge my mistakes, confess them, and forgive myself. Today I feel total freedom in my spirit. After teaching this in my church, one person testified that they had been living a cursed life ever since they got saved. Their properties would get destroyed, their crops would be stolen, and their animals would die suddenly. There were losses everywhere and they were discouraged until "Understanding Your Inheritance in Christ" was taught in church. Then they realized that they were not standing against curses. Today, they are experiencing breakthroughs and the joy of the Lord fills them. - Moses Okwerede, Pastor in Uganda
  • When we had our Lifeschool members’ luncheon in Mombasa, we gave the pastors time to testify about the impact of Lifeschool in their lives and ministries. Though several spoke, one testimony was very touching. One of the pastors said that he was introduced to Lifeschool and was given the first book, “Learning to Hear God’s Voice.” But for whatever reason, after this first class, he lost contact with his mentor. Nevertheless, he continued to read the book and to go around from place to place, including other countries within Africa, teaching directly from this class. Though he did not know much about Lifeschool, he was astonished at the impact his direct teaching from the book was having on the people as they got healed, saved, and miracles happened. Though he has not received any other book for a long time, his life and ministry doctrine was changed totally by the first class. He said that previously he used to preach a lot of religion but now his approach to the Word of God has changed. - George Mudiri, Bishop in Kenya
  • After going through the "Understanding Your Inheritance in Christ" class, I am now much more confident to stand in front of my congregation with boldness. Fear has gone and I am now filled with revelation. My congregation is blessed more now when I stand up to teach. From the time I began to teach on how to understand your inheritance in Christ, people were motivated in their hearts to begin small businesses, as well as income generating activities in their homes, villages, and at their place of work. They also testify on how they are blessed and not cursed. Lifeschool has been a great help to me personally because I was the first one to be changed and now I can teach my congregation. - Benjamin Wanyonyi, Pastor in Kenya
  • I am so grateful for the “Understanding the Bride of Christ” class. It has taught me so much about the end-time bride, my entire purpose of salvation, and my need for preparation. My perspective of eternity has totally changed and so has my focus. I thank God for this class. My church is learning now about maturing in love and it is great. I can boldly say that these materials have impacted my members’ lives greatly. They have testimonies of taking every challenge in their lives as a preparation in the wilderness, praising God in it, and trusting Him. And in obedience of doing God’s Word, people have seen God fighting their battles. Thank you very much and God bless you abundantly. - Betty Kisembo, Pastor in Uganda

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