Lifeschool in Burundi

Here is a letter and photos from Pastor Fredrick Andrea: I am so glad to report to you that all of our Burundi students have received the Lifeschool International Training Materials. They are very happy and thankful to you and all the sponsors who have made this possible for them. They have testified that Lifeschool International has provided them with a big breakthrough in studying the Bible. They have no Bible college in Burundi, and some have been going to other countries to study the Bible at a very big Read More


A Deeper Relationship with the Lord

Philip Shitandayi Senior Pastor of Word Of Fire Ministrist – Butula. Leading 100 people in Butula, Kenya. This class Understanding the Bride of Christ has really improved my fellowship and relationship with God. My love relationship with the Lord is now more intimate than before. This course has changed my life and it has imparted the fear of God in my heart. My church is now actively preparing for the Lord’s return. This class Understanding the Bride of Christ has really helped my church to mature in their love relationship with the heavenly Bridegroom. Now my church is more kingdom focused than before. I don’t have to keep pushing them to go on in the things of God like before.